We have developed an activity center for the children in the age group 4-15 years. These activities are designed in such a way that children can come to our center and interact with other children furthering their experience with us. Depending on the activitiy, they are here for one session of 2-3 hours, weekend programs, multiple week programs and vacation programs.

These activities are:

1.  Children explore, experiment and experience the way they do things by asking the 5 W's and I H [What, why, where, when, who and how]. This increases their exposure to multiple intelligence.

2.  We have a Science center where children understand science through models and experiences than by reading lessons and rote learning concepts in text books.

3.  The Art Center exposes children to a variety of art forms in varied ways where every child feels excited about what they are doing and looks forward to learning more than looking for outcomes and results

For all interested in knowing more about this program, interact with us.

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