Abacus is an instrument that was invented some 2500 years ago primarily in China, which later on spread through countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia etc and was used in the ancient times for calculating numbers through basic arithmetic system. It has now been proven as a complete brain development tool over last two decades.

Abacus became popular over the world after being transformed from a calculating instrument into a system having immense power to benefit children of small ages by expanding the brain usage, in addition to making the learning of math easy and effective.

Functions of Abacus: An abacus instrument allows performing basic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. It can also carry out operations such as counting up to decimal places, calculating sums having negative numbers etc.

Advantages of Abacus:  When a child learns how to use the instrument,  they use both hands to move the beads. The finger movement of both hands activates the sensors of brain, the right hand coordinates with left brain and the left hand coordinates with right brain.

This facilitates the functioning of "the whole brain" and helps in utilizing both parts of the brain simultaneously.

  Visualization:  Abacus users simply visualize an image of abacus in their head. They do not replace the image into words. This difference can be seen clearly in the electroencephalogram (EEGs). The importance here is to learn to visualize which can then be put to use elsewhere.

   Concentration: Decker Avenue School, California conducted a research on the effects of abacus training on children in the classroom which indicated an increased concentration of the abacus students to be one of the pre-dominating effects of the training program.

   Logical reasoning: Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University, observed that advanced abacus learners were found to be able to solve certain types of mathematical problems compared to non-abacus learners. In addition, they could apply what they learnt in not only in mathematical problems with integers and decimals, but also in those with fractions, especially when higher level of logical thinking is required to solve them.

   Photographic memory:  Abacus learners were found to score higher than non-abacus learners owing to the training to obtain the abacus image visually which then had the effect of making students sensitive towards spatial arrangement or enhanced photographic memory.

   Recall:  It develops the brain’s recall capacity.


What is Vedic Maths? It is an astonishing system of calculation that was originally born in the Vedic Age and was deciphered during the start of the 20th century between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960).  According to his research, all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras , or word-formulae.


A super fast way of calculation whereby you can do supposedly complex calculations like 12121232 x 11 in less than five seconds flat, it is highly beneficial for school, college and students who are appearing for their entrance examinations and gives you a competitive edge, a way to optimize your performance and an upper hand in mathematics and logic that will help you to shine in the classroom and beyond.

Vedic Mathematics is far more systematic, simplified and unified than the conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction.


It complements the Mathematics curriculum conventionally taught in schools by acting as a powerful checking tool and saves precious time in examinations. There are just 16 Jaw-Dropping Sutras or Word Formulae which solve all known mathematical problems in the branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. They are easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics:

Vedic Mathematics is 10-15 times faster than normal Maths. It sharpens your mind and increases mental agility and intelligence. A complete system comprising all the benefits of Mental Math, it increases visualization and concentration abilities. Vedic Mathematics cultivates an interest for numbers and eliminates the math-phobia present in students. Vedic Maths is easy to understand, apply and remember.

It requires you to learn tables up to 9 only thus reducing the academic burden. It enables faster calculations as compared to the conventional method. Thus, the time that gets saved in the process can be used to answer more questions. It acts as a tool for reducing finger counting and scratch work. It plays an important role in increasing concentration as well as improving confidence. It is very simple, direct and straight forward.


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